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Look back on the past, discover the future and determine the present with seeTime, a powerful time calculator app. At some point, everyone needs to calculate a period of time, past or future, by comparing two dates. How much time from now until your next vacation? From the birth of a friend until today? From a historic date to a date that is important to you? seeTime enables you to measure any period of time, in days, weeks, months and years. On what day of the week was your mother born? How about you, your child or your brother? How many days does that make? How many months? Every date displayed in seeTime, whether past, present or future, shows: – day of the week – number of the day of the year – number of the week of the year. Add seven weeks to the present date; subtract 243 days from yesterday’s date; or subtract 1:30 a.m. from 7:30 p.m. The result is immediately displayed. This time calculator app effortlessly handles these calculations, which can otherwise be difficult. But that’s not all: seeTime offers you a portal into time. You can consult the date of your choice on the Internet, for a subject of your choice! When seeTime calculator indicates the date, whether it’s March 1, 1842, February 12, 2003, or even July 18, 2076, just touch the date and seeTime immediately offers you the choice between “news”, “weather”, “science”, “history”, “cinema”, “genealogy”, “literature”, “art”, “clothing”, “transport” or “customs”. If none of these categories interest you, enter a research subject of your choice! (seeTimePro option). Sports, fashion… The possibilities are endless! View images from the past or what is predicted in the future! Consult the web on all things related to the chosen date: sites, images and news. What was on TV last Tuesday? Just start from that date and enter “TV”. What was the weather like? Choose “weather”. It’s up to you! When you consult Images for past dates you will see that date as if it were the present. A time machine might exist one day, but in the meantime, there is seeTime, your time and date calculator. seeTime is here to help you save time and keep time, forever 🙂

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